Woodleigh Residences

Beware of these 8 costly features

We are always in awe with the jaw-dropping spaces but let’s be realistic - a stunning home renovation can cost a big time bomb! After all, whatever that is fancy or unusual installed in your home like the Woodleigh Residences, be sure to be bound incur extra costs. What adds up the cost are usually due to additional labour needed to design, fabricate and install items. We warn you to think thrice about getting these features if you are still on budget for your beloved sanctuary’s interior designs.

1. Non-basic doors

Basically, what it means is that anything but not your usual rectangular, wooden slab. Try playing around with quirky rounded edges, slatted wood-paneled finishes or even colonial-style glass framed doors. It is definitely eye catching and behind the scenes, it could be more complicated to fabricate and procure which explains why the sky high price. If you are willing to splurge further, you can consider to get yourself one to work as a focal point in your house. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the main door, it could be the doorway to study or master bedroom.

2. Curved arches

Apart from sprucing up the aesthetic of the house interior with a unique twist to dull and boxy ceilings, the curved arches serve a functional purpose too like for instance to conceal unsightly features like air-con pipes. However, do note that you can opt for one which means that you will incur more costs because of the complexity and additional plastering work required.

3. Floor to ceiling built-ins

Here, we are going to talk about built-in bookshelves, storage cabinets, or even this built-in bunk bed and you can complete it with hidden storage. While it looks practical, we would not recommend decking every inch of wall space in head-to-toe storage compartments if you are on a tight budget. It will rack up to a hefty bill due to the extensive amount of materials used which also includes the labour costs.

4. Wall coverings (not paint)

Looking at the bare walls, paint is basic; but wall coverings. It is as unique and tactile as they are, are not the cheapest option for your walls. This include mouldings, panels or any wall finishes that might require extra materials to construct and apply. However, if you are considering to add pizzazz to your home without splurging on the feature, we would go for painted graphic miles instead.

5. Open-Concept spaces/half walls

Unless your HDB or condo already comes with an open-plain-layout, achieving an open-concept is bound to rack up some of the renovation costs. You can thank the hacking that you will need to do. What is even costly are the half walls which will require extra work to hack and make good. But, if you are on a limited budget. Do consider keeping hack works to one wall and covered.

6. Fancy and extensive ceiling work

You will certainly blow your guests away with their stunning, facade but this aesthetic feature can actually cost you a bomb. Any by fancy, we mean the intricate false ceilings, wooden panels or even the the jaw dropping tropical print ceiling price. Bear in mind that these workers are usually uncommon and slightly more complicated for contractors to lay it out. Thus, this explains the sky high costs. However, this work is definitely worth the money as it levels up the interior of your house, giving you the elegance and posh look.

7. Movable dividers

These flexible dividers are perfect for adding an element of surprise and ingenuity to your sliding, modular partitions that divide and combine various spaces which are smart space saving addition to your tiny house. This technology comes with a price - be warn, as the costs usually goes to extra hacking works (if needed), the installation of partition slabs and sliding tracks/rollers to add to your divider.

8. Complex built-ins

Unsurprisingly, the complicated shapes or complex built-in designs can be very pricey because of the sheer amount of labour needed to fabricate and install these pieces. We would recommend you to skimp out on such intricate carpentry if you are not 100% sure that you will love it for decades. Use smaller decor pieces to add the visual instead, you don’t have to spend like a king for million dollars house.
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